Succulents are everywhere. They are all the rage right now. Prices at higher end stores are just crazy. It inspired me to try my own DIY on a dime. All products shown are from Dollar Tree unless stated.

This was a super easy project from Dollar Tree that I did for about 10 bucks.

I started by painting the cute flower tin from Dollar Tree with regular white latex paint. You don’t have to be too precise. Just apply one coat and let dry. You could even spray paint. No rule about the paint except I would use a water base, not an oil base.

Then I sandpapered (with a medium grit, fine grit probably won’t work) the white coat of paint to give it an old, vintage feel.

I added a block of floral foam. It fit perfectly, but you can cut to fit for any container.

Then I placed the succulents throughout the foam. Some of these were picks sold in a bunch or already in a pot. I separated them and cut to fit. Then I separated the spanish moss and filled the container. It would also look great with a raffia tie around the container.

It turned out fantastic! The picture doesn’t do it justice. I just love it and am looking forward to having it this spring and summer. And bonus, I don’t even have to water it!


Until Next Time!


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